Photography is more than a hobby or a profession for me. It is a way of appreciating and expressing the subtle nuances of life that are revealed by light.

I see beauty everywhere, and I strive to create images that reflect the harmony and melody of the world around me.

But my interests are not limited to photography. I also enjoy creating geometric patterns and expressing myself through writing. These activities allow me to explore different aspects of my creativity and challenge myself in various ways.

Art is that blue womb I inhabit. That blue womb where my soul gestates endlessly. It is the place where I can express myself freely, without fear or judgment. It is the place where I can explore my emotions, my thoughts, my dreams. It is the place where I can create something meaningful, something unique. Art is that blue womb I inhabit. And I never want to leave it.

Regina Mester

A fotografia é mais do que um hobby ou uma profissão para mim. É uma forma de apreciar e expressar as nuances sutis da vida que são reveladas pela luz.

Vejo beleza em tudo e tento criar imagens que reflitam a harmonia e a melodia do mundo ao meu redor.

Mas meus interesses não se limitam à fotografia. Também gosto de criar padrões geométricos e me expressar através da escrita. Essas atividades me permitem explorar diferentes aspectos da minha criatividade e desafios.

A arte é aquele ventre azul que eu habito. Aquele ventre azul onde minha alma gesta continuamente. É o lugar onde posso me expressar livremente, sem medo ou julgamento. É o lugar onde posso explorar minhas emoções, meus pensamentos, meus sonhos. É o lugar onde posso criar algo significativo, algo único. A arte é aquele ventre azul que eu habito. E eu nunca quero sair dele.

Regina Mester

Portrait Photography

Photographic portraits fascinate me. They are more than just images. They are glimpses into the soul. Portraits are a powerful way to capture the essence of a person.


Os retratos fotográficos me fascinam. Eles são mais do que apenas imagens. São uma maneira poderosa de capturar a essência de uma pessoa. São vislumbres das almas.

Street Photography

I enjoy street photography because it allows me to document the everyday scenes and emotions of people in urban settings. I try to capture the spontaneous moments that reveal the beauty, diversity and complexity of life on the streets. Here are some of my street photography works.


Gosto de fotografia de rua porque me permite documentar cenas e emoções cotidianas de pessoas em ambientes urbanos. Tento captar os momentos espontâneos que revelam a beleza, a diversidade e a complexidade da vida nas ruas. Aqui estão alguns dos meus trabalhos desse projeto.

About me

I am a person who dreams about a better world. A world where people can live in harmony, where diversity is celebrated, where justice is upheld, where poverty is eradicated, when wars do not exist, where nature is respected and the real truth is revealed to everyone. The truth is a powerful force that can shatter the illusion we live in. It will liberate us from our fears, it will heal us, inspire us, empower us. No more deception or lies that manipulate the public opinion or serve hidden agendas. The truth should be revealed, even if it is inconvenient or uncomfortable for some. Only by facing the reality can we hope to solve the problems and challenges that we face as a society.


Sou uma pessoa que sonha com um mundo melhor. Um mundo onde as pessoas possam viver em harmonia, onde a diversidade seja celebrada, onde a justiça seja mantida, onde a pobreza seja erradicada, quando as guerras já não mais existam, onde a natureza seja respeitada e a verdade seja revelada a todos. A verdade é uma força poderosa que pode quebrar a ilusão em que vivemos. Ela nos libertará de nossos medos, nos curará, nos inspirará, nos empoderará. Portanto, chega de enganos ou mentiras que manipulam a opinião pública ou servem agendas ocultas. A verdade deve ser revelada, mesmo que seja inconveniente ou desconfortável para alguns. Somente confrontando a realidade seremos capazes de resolver os problemas e desafios que enfrentamos na sociedade.

Some of my poetry

I was born in Porto Alegre, a southern Brazilian city. I developed a passion for writing poems and short stories at a young age. I was fascinated by the people I observed, their actions and emotions, and how I could capture them in vivid language. I imagined myself as a director of a symbolic spectacle on paper. My writing style is eclectic and reflects the different aspects of myself that I want to express. My inspiration is not a fleeting moment, it is a constant presence - it dwells in my spirit.


Eu nasci em Porto Alegre, no sul do Brasil. Desde criança, eu gosto de escrever poemas e estórias. Durante a minha infância, eu observava as pessoas, suas emoções e ações, e imaginava como eu poderia representá-las em linguagem criativa. Eu me via como a produtora desses momentos observados e capturados no papel. Meu estilo de escrita é variado e reflete os diferentes aspectos de mim mesma que quero expressar. Minha inspiração não é um momento passageiro, é uma constante - ela habita em meu espírito.

Wake up

They keep us divided by inequality

Gender, race, social status, technology

Feeding on our Misery they are

- Constantly -

They promote inversion and fear

To advance their agenda

And inimically smear

Their hostile witchery

Against humanity

[Total Insanity we see]

- What can not be spoken freely -

They commit serious crimes

Atrocities beyond human comprehension

In complete secrecy

Laughing at the world’s inattention

While pornographically simulating

Their false “Democracy”

They hold a shadow government

They operate with symbols

They orchestrate world events

To keep us unaware

Of our own enslavement

If we keep distracted

‘We dream their dream spell’

And while the world sleeps

They meticulously plan

Our future hell

[[[[ wake up ]]]

Regina Mester


The entire world is welcome to witness

The collapse of their Babylonian 'Prophecy'

The one painted with total pain and misery

For the People

[[[apocalypse not happening]]]

Their hidden agenda Is rising to the periphery

Showing openly their weighty monstrosity

And too many can already see

Their crimes against humanity

[[[this is the Great Awakening]]]

Their 'symbology' is everywhere

Not mere coincidence - It is valid evidence

If we care to pay attention

Aware we unveil their slimy trail

[[[a serpentine spit]]]

They have infiltrated every aspect of our society

Their lawless money bags are growing

Throwing us into the abysm

Promoting their Big Pharma

Our suicidal 'medical karma'

Their ultimate sadism

The chemtrails above our heads

Their weather modification

Their vile gene transformation

Their parasitism, their predation

And the perpetration

Of their 'New World Order'

[[[crumbling before our eyes]]]

Their horrific experiments underground

Are mad and medieval

Their ritual sacrifices

When rolling their dices

To pick the next victim

Are the epitome of evil

The soulless paedophilia they enjoy

Is despicably abhorrent

Imposed on the innocent

How dare you!

Their mocking pretence

Is semi-transparent

Their secrecy incoherent

Their idolatry is sinful

[[[they worship the beast]]]

Their GMOs

Their fake media

Their manipulated encyclopaedia

Their godless occult ceremonies

Opening portals to hell

Emitting deadly frequencies

They are a very noxious cartel

[[[wake up]]]

Time to end this parody

No more tyranny!

[[[let's clean the swamp]]]

We the people will Fight

Day and Night

We will Unite

And take our Freedom back

[[[this is our CALL]]]

‘Where We Go One We Go All

Regina Mester

Soul harvest

When I reach out into the Cosmos

With its clear splendour

I pray for God to unveil

What awaits to be seen revealed

And my loudest scream crawls back

Trying to preserve my immortal soul

Swiftly departing from its captivity

'It remains colossally

Craving to know the ‘unknown’

Whilst still rooted

To the greatest confusion of endless confusions'

I've never been so close to the truth!

And yet so desperately lost!

Will I benignantly be fixed one day?

When Earth becomes part of Heaven?

When darkness turns into light?

Will I be allowed to see God at last?

And be purified perhaps?

Replenished? Recharged? Reloaded?

And truly recognise me then?

What for?

To become again

Another unrecognisable 'me'?


Why not!

Do I even have a choice?

Regina Mester